Zenith Replica Diver Reference A3637, ‘Big Lemon’


Zenith Replica reference A3637

The bright yellow of the Zenith Replica reference A3637  puts the orange of many other divers to shame, including all the other configurations that Zenith came up with for this reference. Its bold looks easily earned it the catchy “Big Lemon” nickname, another reason to love this watch. However, this 43mm piece is not only about looks; it was guaranteed to be water-resistant up t0 1,000 meters.

It relies on the automatic caliber 2542PC, which is known for its reliability. The date was placed between four and five o’clock, a characteristic of the Zenith watches of that time, as is the triangular minute hand, which is found in many other contemporary sport Zeniths. It comes with the original Gay Frères bracelet, which shows a production date sometime in 1970. It seems this diver always came with a GF bracelet – either the ladder one found on the El Primero or the fully folded one included here.Zenith_clasp

The dealers Davidoff Brothers posted this this Zenith Diver A3637 on their website for 4,800 CHF (approximately 4,770).


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