The Omega Seamaster GMT Aqua Terra Blue Dial Chronograph Replica Watch Review

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another review on my blog. Today we’ll be doing an Omega Seamaster GMT replica review. I’m excited by the watch I’ll be reviewing today because I got it as a present from an old friend. All my friends know that watches are my favorite things and this was actually a very good choice. I knew of this watch but I didn’t know I would be this impressed with it up close. It reminded me a bit of the Omega Planet Ocean replica which I read about on other replica review sites.

Even though I’m doing an Omega Seamaster GMT replica review, I hope one day someone will buy me an original. It is a magnificent watch that really jumps out at you but that is not to take away from its actual quality as a fine piece of mechanical accessory. From afar, it can easily be mistaken for a Rolex and that’s one of the defining qualities of this Omega Seamaster.

Table of Contents Looks and Feel.


Asides from the very eye-catching stainless steel color, the other most noticeable thing about this Omega replica Seamaster is its double buttons on the side of the crown. It’s probably the main reason why I am doing this Omega Seamaster GMT replica review. Both buttons are highly polished stainless steel.

The bezel of the Omega replica Seamaster has 60-minute markings in increments of 5 which is further subdivided into 20 segments. It does look beautiful even though it could have been better served in fractions of 5 signifying per minute. That’s one of the few negative things in this Omega Seamaster GMT replica review I can think of.Omega-Seamaster-GMT-replica-review-768x432-1

The dial is blue and it really couldn’t have been any other color. It highlights the hour indicators beautifully and the 3, 6 and 9 hours are not indicated at all as there is no space for them. The chronographs take the place where the 3 and 9-hour marks should be and the date window takes the place of the 6-hour mark but it really looks great in that position. The other hours are marked by triangular indicators which have different sizes due to the different amounts of space available on the watch’s dial. There are two sub-dials side by side on the watch for the full 12-hour chronograph with a GMT hand in the one on the left. And this is where the watch gets the GMT name.

Another defining feature of the watch is the beautiful and maybe unusual design for the hour, minute and second hands. They all look like arrows with their very pronounced and pointed ends. This is where the luminous chemical is put on and so you can see the time even if you are surrounded by darkness.Aqua-Terra-Omega-Seamaster-GMT-Replica-Review-Movement-768x432

The replica Omega Seamaster watch packs a Japanese movement which I just absolutely love. The original features a co-axial 8615 movement which is top notch. But I’m happy enough that the watch has kinetic movement. Unlike other replica review sites, this is not a sticking point for me.Omega-Seamaster-GMT-Replica-Bracelet-And-Side-View-768x432

The bracelet of the replica Omega Seamaster is 210mm long and 20mm wide which is about standard length. It also ends in a buckle which actually looks like a clasp. It is a pretty lovely design for a casual watch for men.

So, that’s it for the Omega Seamaster GMT replica review. I have hardly any issues with the watch. There are so many things that make the watch unique. And for that, I give it a rating of 7.5 out of 10.


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