Replica Rolex Explorer, The Peak Of Excellence

The Rolex Explorer II was first released in 1971 and although it was the natural successor of the Rolex replica Explorer, it came with a personality of its own. This robust and higly performant replica watch easily became the favorite of speleologists, volcanologists and polar and jungle explorers, thanks to its specific features.

Replica Rolex Explorer II

Replica Rolex Explorer II

If you are a Rolex enthusiast, prefer big and newer Rolex replica watches instead of the smaller, older ones, don’t really enjoy accessories that are too flashy and what you appreciate most in a watch is its durability, then the Replica Rolex Explorer is the right watch for you.

The replica Rolex Explorer is truly a joy to wear: this manly watch won’t look too small or too big on your wrist and you won’t have to worry about the type of outfits it works with. It will look just as good when you wear something casual or something more elegant or bussines-like.

You can either choose the replica Rolex Explorer on black or white; they are both really beautiful. I for one preferred the black dials because I immediately associate them with Rolex and because I think black seems a bit more masculine.

The stainless steel link bracelet of the replica Rolex Explorer is durable, easy to maintain and masculine and is also brushed so that it doesn’t have that tacky shine to it, while the clasp is flawless: solid and perfectly proportioned to the bracelet. The glass is made of sapphire glass so that it won’t scratch easily and the jet-back, engraved numbers that compose the brushed, stainless steel bezel are a pleasurable aspect of the watch. I also think that the orange arrow hand which denotes 24 hours looks really good and is also extremely useful.

For a working professional that deals with clients and business men all the time, this is the perfect watch: its quality just speaks for itself and it is of an understated luxury, that is actually the best. It says everything it should say about you without being too obvious in any way.


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