Put On Your Breitling And Keep Up With The Red Bull Air Race

Breitling Replica Red Bull Air Race 2015 Abu Dhabi

Breitling Replica Red Bull Air Race 2015 Abu Dhabi

Breitling replica watches are well known for their bulky appearance, but this should not come as a surprise, since Breitling has been the prime choice of airplane pilots since the brand’s beginnings. The reason for this large design is simple, an airplane pilot must effortlessly pick up any information displayed by his timepiece, because at such speeds, every second matters.

Of course, readability isn’t the only forte of a Breitling replica. Besides having a butch, masculine feel to it, every Breitling replica is stunningly precise. This aspect can be observed throughout Breitling’s long history, more recently, with their affiliation with the Red Bull Air race, as their official timekeeper.

The Red Bull Air Race, one of the fastest and most exciting sporting events in the world, began as an idea in 2001, from the pursuit of creating new sporting challenges. The goal was to gather the best airplane pilots and to challenge their skills, by pushing their limits to the maximum.

The first race took place in 2003 and it turned out to be not only about the tremendous speeds, but also about each individual pilot’s skills and precision. Pilots race individually, the goal being to get the fastest time while completing a course of obstacles (“air gates”).

The races are usually held in or near cities, over a body of water, but they also have been held over some stunning decors, truly natural wonders, thus attracting very large crowds. With each passing year, the interest in this sporting event grows exponentially.

This year is no different, as the race takes place in Abu Dhabi, a modern wonder of the world in its own right (qualifiers are held right at the time of this entry).

Given the high speeds involved in the event, each split second count, making the difference between the champion and those behind.

With a Breitling replica, you’ll feel as being part of the competition!


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