Porsche Design Dashboard Replica Watch Review

I think the time is right to put up some pics of this Porsche Design Dashboard replica watch and to give you some more details on it. Porsche Design replica watches are a good alternative specially to sporty fake watches. I mean, I’m finding it hard to pay around $5k on a Porsche Design watch when for the same amount I could get a luxury brand sports watch.

The alternative comes in handy when you don’t want to really look loaded but slightly different. Very few people know how much a Porsche Design watch is priced at so when seeing one – obviously not knowing the models either, they will assume is sort of a more expensive piece and that you’re doing good or enjoying slightly cheaper watches or not being a show-off.


Poesche Design Dashboard Watch

Hope I did not loose you up there but I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a different look and feel and market if you’d like for these watches and I think as long as you’ll find them in a good quality then they should be selling pretty good. Look at this one for example. Simple and clean black stainless steel plated sports watch. Not a lot of full-on red dials on black watches out there so I guess you have to like the combination but to me it’s a good sporty Porsche-like feel. Black mate finish on the case, pushers and crown. Pics show a slightly different finishing between the case and the bracelet but funny think is that it’s way more noticeable in the pics then in reality.

The bracelet does have a slight more polished finish but it’s still very subtle in my eyes. Working chronographs on this Japanese Quartz (battery run) movement. 3 o’clock should be a military hour I guess but it’s only market to 12. 6 o’clock is a small ticking seconds hand, 9 o’clock is a stopwatch. The big seconds hand has a more sweeping-like motion compared to the small 6 o’clock chrono but it still ticks.

Overall I think the dial looks good and very much Porsche Design like. Bracelet opens in a hidden clasp which I think should have been black plated too. Can’t really see it but you know it’s there and it’s not plated stainless steel. Looks like a pretty fun everyday wear to me and my cousin is happy with it so that’s where I get my feedback on this piece. Check out some more pics and feel free to give me your thoughts on it.


Porsche Design Dashboard watch overview

Untitled-13 (1)

Porsche Design watch side view


Porsche watch back case


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