Patek Phillipe Nautilus Replica Watch Video Review

Here’s another first on my replica watches blog. It’s my first Patek Phillipe Nautilus replica watch video review and I’m glad I waited this long to get one of the good looking fake Patek Philippe watches for this “special occasion”. I like showing you guys my new additions or some of my friends and family fake watches whenever I get a chance because I know how important it is to see first-hand good quality fake watches and then to know what to look for out there.

Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch video review

Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch review

Replica Patek Watch

So after a bit of research I found out that this particular blue-black dial as in blue with black reflections o black with blue reflections (though I personally see it as blue with black reflections) is pretty rare… The ladies piece which is a Quartz (battery run) movement and a smaller case as an original sells for about $9k and the real deal men model with the automatic movement and this particular dial goes somewhere around $19k. Not easily accessible for most of us regular people that much I’ll say.

Fake Patek Philippe Movement

The seconds hand has a good old sweep and the movement is Japanese self-winding automatic which keeps a good time and it’s reliable. A good power reserve ensures enough power on it for more than 24 hours so it’s an easy everyday wear. Just keep in mind the price tag and know about this very important detail and Patek Philippe watches don’t come cheap.

Patek Phillipe Nautilus Replica Watch Video Review – The Fold

It’s a fun, good looking, good quality Patek Nautilus replica watch that’s for sure. Clean and simple design and that very simple but catchy dial kills it. I’m giving this one a good rating overall and I think it’s definitely worthy of consideration.

Check out the video and give me your thoughts on it.


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