Hublot Black Caviar Fake Watch Video Review

Let’s check out today’s Hublot Black Caviar fake watch video review and get a good look at this Hublot replica from all angles. My cousin is pretty fond of this replica Hublot and I’ve seen him wearing it a lot of times. He does not mind the small hands on the dial which I personally am not a big fan of because overall the watch has a really good look and those small details are not visible at a glance. The Hublot looks are there for sure and the case size and overall appearance of the watch do the trick as you can see.

Hublot Black Caviar Fake Watch Video Review

Hublot Black Caviar Fake Watch Video Review

Hublot Replica

The fully polished black plated stainless steel case kills it here and it binds with the dial really good. It gives you that feeling that the whole case and dial assembly are made out of one solid piece and that’s a cool thing. Hands are the Hublot originals and the red seconds hand looks good too. It’s a very simple black on black Hublot replica but it looks pretty sick and unique. You won’t find a whole lot of these babies out there.

Replica Hublot Movement

The movement is a Japanese Quartz (battery run) which as you can see gives the seconds hand a ticking movement. A sweeping movement would be lovely on this piece but on the bright side it does not need winding and it has a stopwatch function as you’ll see in the video. A reliable movement never the less so that’s always a good thing. Would have not been happier if it came with a cheap Asia automatic movement because my cousin would have probably thrown it away by now.

Hublot Black Caviar Fake Watch Video Review

It’s a fun watch that much I can say and it looks so much different and cool than anything you’re used seeing out there. It pulls attention for sure and it’s a simple piece after all. Hublot watches come in so many variations and are not a very popular brand out there that people know w ton of specifics of. Most people know that they are ridiculously expensive and that’s about so when you play it right you can get away with it easy.

Check out the video below as I got some good light on it and you can see the details really good. Let me know what you think of it. Also, feel free to check out more replica watches reviews on my homepage.


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