Breitling Bentley Motors Fake Watch Review

It’s Breitling Bentley Motors fake watch video review Thursdays I guess and yeah, my cousin’s replica Breitling Bentley watch is still pulling some weight after more than 2 months. Looks brand new and he tells me that everyone is checking it out all the time. Well, that’s kind of what most of us want in a fake Breitling watch so I guess it does the trick. As long as it passes most of that everyday screening I think the jib is well done.


Breitling Bentley Motors Fake Watch Video Review

Breitling Bentley Motors Fake Watch Video Review

I got a good pic of it above, looks like a magazine shot from my amateur home studio made out of a white piece of plastic. Does the trick never the less and it does look good, the watch has a good weight and posture on the hand and it does look legit form my point of view. You’ll get to see in the video review below all the angles and details on it so let’s move to the inside, the movement that’s fitted in this Breitling replica watch.

Fake Breitling Movement

It’s a Japanese automatic movement ideal for an everyday wear. These are my favorite movements by the way, and whenever I wear a watch on more days in a row (because I always like to switch them) they always have good power and keep good time throughout the night. Power reserve is always over 24 hours so plenty of reserve. It’s a good, reliable and well priced movement for sure.

Replica Breitling Review

It’s a cool and fund watch to wear, the dial looks good and the color scheme overall is a really good and unique one. Case is large so everything on it looks pretty spot on for most people that will see it.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on this Breitling Bentley Motors fake watch video review.



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